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Juliet Shaw

Introducing The “Juliet Shaw Legacy Project”

With great pleasure, we received the following message from the American thereminist Kip Rosser: To all of you thereminists, theremin enthusiasts, electro-musicians and electronic music lovers the world over…Juliet Shaw was a concert pianist and thereminist whose performing career spanned from the early 1930s through the late 1980s. Yet, she’s barely mentioned anywhere online or […]

Photo of thereminist Eric Ross at Casada Musica, Oporto Portugal.

The Theremin Journey of Eric Ross

Eric Ross is a composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, and theremin player. He has written countless scores in his long career, including many pages of original music for the theremin. He has presented rich multimedia performances worldwide, mixing music, video, and computer art and dance. And he has released several recordings. In this interview, Eric tells us about his long musical journey.

Eric Ross Live in N.Y. (Op. 28)

Eric Ross, Youseff YancyEric Ross Live in N.Y. (Op. 28)
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