What is Thereminvox.com?

Thereminvox.com covers news and issues about the theremin and other theremin-related musical instruments. More in general, the goal of Thereminvox.com is to investigate the role of technology as a tool for expressive manifestations and the relations between art, technology and the human body.

What is the Theremin?

Invented in 1919 in Russia by Lev Sergeivitch Termen (also known as Lev Sergeivitch Termen ), the Theremin was not only the first electronic musical instrument, but also the first (and still the only) instrument played without touching it by moving the hands in the space between two antennae, one of which controls intonation and the other the volume. The invention of the theremin marked a fundamental step in the history of music and gave the world a means of expression clearly prefiguring the electronic imagination and tension towards the immaterial that has characterised much of the artistic and philosophical thought of recent years.

Thereminvox Staff

Valerio Saggini , Editor.
Giorgio Necordi , Technical Editor.
Stefania Belloni , Site Manager.

Thereminvox Contributors so far

Alexander Breton is a musician, producer, artist, actor, and theremin player.
Luca “Luke” Cirillo is a member of the italian lounge band The Transistors.
Chuck Collins is a music enthusiast / collector interested in the Theremin.
Sean A. Day is a fairly unknown composer, who has written few works in his spare, hobby time. Sean synesthetically “sees” colors corresponding to musical timbres; each instrument has its specific color.
Maurizio erman Mansueti is a member of the italian lounge band The Transistors.
Olivia Mattis is a musicologist, a Varèse scholar whose enthusiastic research and study of electronic music is extensive; she was also the first to conduct an interview with Léon Theremin when he came out of Soviet seclusion in 1989.
Giorgio Necordi is a Java programmer analyst at JTech, an italian software house which he cofounded. He has played mandolin in the Orchestra Nova of Rapallo and has participated in several musical projects playing mandolin and synthesizers. From 1997 he concentrates on the Theremin of which has constructed several models always looking for a chimerical superior quality.
Reiner Penzholz is a german TV journalist living in Milan, Italy. Reiner has directed Lydia Kavina’s video “Concerto per Theremin”.
Valerio Saggini is the cofounder of Teleura (a web development and publishing company based in Milan, Italy). Valerio has produced Lydia Kavina’s CD “Concerto per Theremin. Live in Italy” and started the Thereminvox.com web site.
Gak Sato is the Artistic Director of TEMPOSPHERE, the contemporary music label of Right Tempo Records in Milan.

Want to write for Thereminvox?

We always welcome additional editors and contributors. If you’re interested and need more information on writing for Thereminvox, write to staff@thereminvox.com.


Thanks to (in alphabetical order): Alexander Breton, Chuck Collins, Aaron Jarvis, Eri Ii, Gandulf Hennig, Scott Marshall, Bret Moreland, Howard Mossman. By sharing their audio treasures they has helped us in building the Tvox Library.


Valerio Saggini
Corso Piave, 31
I-27036 Mortara (PV)
Email: valerio@saggini.it
Web: www.thereminvox.com.

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