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Composers who have written music for the Theremin and other electronic musical instruments such as the Ondes Martenot.
Composers Articles:
Five fabolous video of Jean Jacques Perrey playing live with Dana Countryman, being interviewed and lecturing with Bob Moog.
by Valerio Saggini September 09, 2006
Wendy Carlos is an American composer and electronic musician. She was one of the first famous performers of electronic music using synthesisers.
June 06, 2005
Olivier Messiaen was a French composer and organist. He was also a champion of the Ondes Martenot, of which his sister-in-law, Jeanne Loriod, was a leading exponent.
July 16, 2003
July 16, 2003
July 16, 2003
Percy Grainger (8 July 1882 - 20 February, 1961) was an Australian born pianist and composer.
July 16, 2003
Bohuslav Martinů (December 8, 1890 - August 28, 1959) was a Czech composer. He wrote a "Fantasia" for theremin, oboe, string quartet and piano, which he dedicated to Lucie Bigelow Rosen.
July 16, 2003
Bernard Herrmann.
Bernard Herrmann is widely regarded as one of the greatest film composers of all time. But thanks to the score he wrote for the science fiction movie "The Day the earth Stood Still", which involved the use of theremins played by Samuel Hoffman and Paul Shure, he has also achieved a position in the Theremin Pantheon.
July 16, 2003
Edgar (or Edgard) Varèse (December 22, 1883 - November 6, 1965) was a French-born composer, who moved to the United States in 1915, and took American citizenship in 1926.
July 16, 2003
Charles Edward Ives (October 20, 1874 - May 19, 1954) was an American composer of classical music. He is regarded as possibly the first American classical composer of international significance.
July 16, 2003
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