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Peter Pringle - Many Voices

Peter Pringle - Many Voices
Peter Pringle plays the theremin very well, and many members on the Levnet mailinglist must have been waiting impatiently for Peter to finaly produce a cd.

There are three theremins featured on this recording: the 1929 RCA that once belonged to Dr. Samuel Hoffman, the RCA that was once the property of Julius Goldberg, and the modern Ethervox theremin made by Robert Moog. The CD also comes with a 16 page, illustrated insert booklet which includes a short essay by Pennsylvania thereminist and vintage theremin expert Howard Mossman. It is entitled: The theremin in the 20th century.

The total playing time of Many Voices is 66 minutes. There are 18 selections on it, representing a wide variety of music from classical composers Bach and Handel to Ragtime, Salsa and Jazz. It was pringles intention with this CD to create a sort of "theremin sampler" that would contain some of the kinds of music that he enjoys himself, and that would demonstrate a few of the possibilities of the instrument.

More info can be found on Peter Pringle's website, which includes ordering information.

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