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"Thereminized" Casio SK-1 Videos

The SK-1 is a cheap home keyboard made by Casio in 1985 featuring an 8-bit PCM, 9.38kHz sampler (about 1.4 seconds), 5 PCM presets, 11 drum patterns, an additive synth section and 13 envelope shapes.

I have one and love it, though I haven't played it in ages.

Casio SK-1
Casio SK-1 (1985).

But the SK-1 is particularly appreciated by those involved in circuit bending due its low price and 'bendability'.

If you search Ebay you'll probably find lots of modified SK-1.

But a thereminized SK-1 was beyond imagination for me.

This is something Clara Rockmore would have not approved.

SK-1 theremin by Bent-It

Patch Bay Style Theremin SK-1 Circuit Bent Mod by Bent-It


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