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Moog Music Announces Etherwave Pro

Moog Music Etherwave Pro
Moog Music Etherwave Pro.
Press Release

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (January 2004)--Moog Music announces the Etherwave Pro, a fully professional theremin with unexcelled tone and response. Its features and portability make it ideal for both stage and studio use. It is the latest development in Moog Music's fifty-year history of building high quality theremins. Bob Moog calls it his best sounding theremin ever. "The Etherwave Pro will set a new standard for design and workmanship for electronic instruments." Michael Adams, Moog President, adds “As the leader in theremins our customers have been requesting a professional theremin with greater range and portability, the Etherwave Pro accomplishes both of these objectives in a package that matches the intrigue that all theremin players enjoy on stage.”

The Etherwave Pro covers the entire musical pitch range, up to four octaves above middle C, in three panel-selectable pitch registers. In addition to its outstanding musicality and range, the Etherwave Pro is a visually stunning instrument in a unique blend of futuristic and retro styling with striking vertical lines, nickel plated knobs, and a birds-eye maple front panel.

A multi-position timbre selector offers a variety of musically rich waveforms, including the authentic traditional theremin tone. In addition, waveform, brightness, and filter panel controls enable musicians to balance the timbre to suit their musical requirements.

The Etherwave Pro's antennas conform to the traditional theremin standard. The pitch antenna is a straight vertical rod, while the volume antenna is a horizontal loop. Both right-handed and left-handed configurations will be available.

Responses of the Etherwave Pro's pitch and volume antennas to the musician's hand motions are carefully tailored for smoothness and uniformity. Player-accessible response adjustments are provided on the front panel.

The Etherwave Pro's control voltage output allows it to interface with the Minimoog Voyager or effects modules such as Moogerfoogers.

The Etherwave Pro will be introduced at Winter NAMM 2004 in Anaheim; stop by booth 6205 to check it out. It will sell for around $1000 and is expected to ship by the end of the first quarter 2004.

Moog Music Inc. designs and manufactures timeless electronic musical instruments, including theremins, Moogerfooger® analog effects modules, the Minimoog® Voyager™ and the Moog PianoBar™. Founded by Robert Moog, inventor of the original Moog Synthesizer, Moog Music is located in Asheville, N.C.

For information: Michael Adams, President, Moog Music Inc.
(828) 251-0090/ mike@moogmusic.com mike@moogmusic.com>


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