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Stage spook-tacle

David Del Tredici's work Dracula (which features a theremin), will be performed on feb. 18 2004 by the Colorado Symphony at Boettcher Hall, 14th and Curtis streets, Denver, CO, U.S.A. What follows is an excerpt from RockyMountain News.com covering of the event.

No, it's not Halloween. But it may look that way Wednesday at Boettcher Hall when Marin Alsop leads the Colorado Symphony in a program of contemporary works that take an off-kilter, often-lighthearted look at all things ghoulish.

The subject matter may be dark, but Alsop prefers to look at the bright side of this culturalConvergence program, which honors those legends of horror, Dracula and Frankenstein.


Unusual intrumentation is also featured in Dracula, written in the late '90s by American composer David del Tredici. Adding to the darkly comic tone of Alfred Corn's poetic peek at the bloodsucking vampire, My Neighbor, the Distinguished Count, is an unusual electronic instrument known as the theremin.

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