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Theremin Lecture/Demonstration by Scott Marshall

The IEEE History Center Lecture Series

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

in conjunction with

Mason Gross School of the Arts Music Department


"A Lecture/Demonstration of the Theremin"


Scott Marshall

In this lecture, Scott Marshall will discuss the origins of the Theremin, and demonstrate its performance.

The Theremin is an instrument which produces musical sound exclusively by electrical means. It is the only musical instrument ever conceived that is played by waving the hands in the air.

Perhaps the most intriguing characteristic of the theremin - apart from its mysterious sound - is the way it is played:

  • There are no keyboards,
  • no finger boards,
  • no strings, valves, hammers or pipes.
  • There is nothing to blow on, or into.
The performer literally “plays the air” around the instrument, making absolutely no physical contact with it. Thus the phrase was born, "music from the ether."

Wednesday, March 10, 2:30pm

Nicholas Music Center

Douglass Campus

For more information go to imlc.rutgers.edu/theremin

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