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Concerto per Theremin: the Live CD from Lydia Kavina
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Lydia Kavina's "Concerto per Theremin. Live in Italy" CD was recorded in 1998, in Italy, where Lydia presented two concerts on the occasion of the opening of Colletta di Castelbianco, the first european "televillage". Actually, the opening of the village (and Lydia's performance too) should have been happened two years before but, at the last moment, it was postponed.

The original project (a two-nights event) comprised one Theremin recital (Lydia) and "The Electronic Disturbance": a performance by Troika Ranch, a New York based dance theater company. Troika's performance needed an ISDN connection with "Kitchen" (in New York), in order to allow the singer Joan La Barbara and an actor of the company to participate to the perfomance through videoconference, so we set up the necessary.

Lydia's first Theremin recital in Castelbianco
Lydia's first Theremin recital in Castelbianco.

At this point we had the crazy notion: why not to contact Clara Rockmore to ask if she could be willing to participate someway in Lydia's concert through videoconference? I later realized that the idea was, at least, crazy; furthermore, we were not aware of the fact that Clara was very ill at the time and, unfortunately, we didn't consult Lydia before calling. So we called but Clara explained gently to my wife Stefania that she was very ill and asked not to be bothered anymore.

Lydia's scores
Lydia's scores.

Two years later we decided to devote both nights to Lydia. In the first night she was accompanied by an ensemble (Columbus Orchestra of Genoa) formed by two violins, a viola, a violoncello, an oboe, a flute and a piano; the second night featured only Theremin and piano.

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