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TVOX Audio Library Release 1.0

Introducing the Audio Library

The "Audio Library" has been conceived as a central (and permanent) repository for theremin (or theremin-related) audio files, with no disk space restrictions.

The first version of that repository is now online on this site. You can upload audio or midi files (this service is completely free), or you can add link to files that reside on other servers and, in both cases, you can add some data - through a web interface - to describe the clip (we currently use the id3 tag v.1 schema). And everybody can browse through the database to search the material they need.

At the present moment the library features the following sections:

Upload what?

If you play the theremin (or some other theremin-related instrument) and you want to share your music with others, you can upload your offerings to the library. Or if you have some very rare historical theremin recordings you feel the world of theremin lovers cannot stay without (i.e. unpublished historical recordings, 78rpm discs etc.), please, upload them and share your treasures with the rest of the world.

To register or not to register?

To use this service you have two possibilities:
  1. if you want your file to appear immediately into the library without any prior approvation from us, you need to be a registered user (registration is free). The reason for this is that we want to avoid anonymous users to upload illegal and useless MP3 files (we don't want to receive letters from the attorneys of some giant discographic company). Also, only registered users, as "owners" of a specific file, have the possibility to edit the information attached to the file, or delete the file itself at any moment;
  2. if you'd like to upload something but, for any reason, you don't have the possibility or the ability to make the upload or you prefer not to register, you can email the files to us or send a CD or tape to:

    Valerio Saggini
    c/o Teleura
    Piazza Grandi, 24
    I-20135 Milano

About privacy

Personal data of registered users are required only for "thereminvox.com" services to function and they will never be used for any other purposes without your consent.

Future developments

We are working to enhance the functionalities of the library as follows:

  1. create different sections for different file types: MP3, midi, images, texts etc. (It is possible to upload images and text also in the current version, but the information fields are those of id3 tag);
  2. full web implementation of id3 tag v.2 so that users will be able to upload MP3 files along with lots of possible related information, all through an easy to use web interface;
  3. automatic renaming of MP3 files accordingly to the id3 tag information (for example: Artist_Album_SongTitle.mp3);
  4. possibility to create correlations between different files (even of different types) to create electronic "dossiers" (containing, for examples audio, image and text data).

If you have suggestions for other functionalities or improvements, please, let us know.

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