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Rotors of Raga: Theremin, Synths and Helicopters

A new file has been uploaded in the Audio Library.

It is "Rotors of Raga" by BrotherSync (Bryan Helm, David Miller and Bret Moreland).

Here is a note from Bret:

"This piece features Theremin by David Miller, Korg synths by Bryan Helm, Huey Helicopters and Moog synths by me.

I have long loved the variety of sounds that Hueys make. This piece is centered around a field recording of several Hueys flying, sometimes passing within 30 feet of my binaural microphones (on my head).

This is not exactly a song, consider it a 'sonic adventure'. Thanks to David Miller for collaborating with us on this with the haunting melody line he composed and played."

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