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A Duo That Plays Its Music for Laughs

Ordinarily, Mark Stewart and Rob Schwimmer wouldn't have the opportunity to do what they do as Polygraph Lounge. They wouldn't be able to perform, say, 20 minutes of song parodies on the theme of "Moby-Dick" in front of an audience.

Both are busy freelance musicians in New York. Mr. Stewart, a conservatory-trained cellist, plays guitar in Paul Simon's band and in the Bang on a Can All-Stars as well as in many Broadway orchestra pits. Mr. Schwimmer plays keyboards and theremin in jazz and rock groups and has recorded music for films and television shows.

But when they get together as Polygraph Lounge, their job description changes. Suddenly they can do almost anything they want, and once their mischievous, hyperactive creativity gets loose, there's no stopping it.

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