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Theremin virtuoso performs tonight

Pamelia Kurstin, a renowned theremin player, will perform tonight at 8 p.m. in the Ohio University School of Music Recital Hall. The free event offers an opportunity to witness the playing of the only instrument ever created that does not require physical contact.

Leon Theremin, a Russian physicist and cellist, invented the theremin in 1919. The instrument is a wooden box, containing two high-frequency oscillator rods and two protruding antennas. One rod and antenna extension is used to control pitch, and the other is used to control amplitude.

"It basically involves manipulating magnetic field," said Jonathon Cox, an OU graduate student who built his own theremin with his brother. "For example, the closer your hand gets to the straight antenna on the right side of the box, the higher the pitch is going to get."

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