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Moog Music Announces the discontinuation of the Etherwave® Signature Series Theremin

Press Release

Moog Music Inc. is discontinuing the production of the Etherwave Signature Series theremin as of the end of February 2004. Moog will fulfill all orders for this product placed by February 29th, 2004. This will not affect production of our Standard Etherwave theremin. These special instruments, autographed and played by Bob Moog will remain collectible for years to come. Bob Moog’s 50 years of contributions to theremin design have helped anchor the theremin as a legitimate instrument and helped to increase its popularity and visibility. Dr. Moog’s experience in theremin design led him to the development of the first Moog synthesizer in 1964. Moog Music is the World’s leading theremin manufacturer and the Etherwave is the most popular theremin on the market today. The newest Moog theremin, the Etherwave Pro, will be the answer for thereminists who want a professional sounding, playing, and looking theremin in a portable package.

Etherwave Signature Series
Etherwave Signature Series.

Linda Pritchard
Sales Coordinator
Moog Music, Inc.

PHONE: 800-948-1990
FAX: 828-254-6233
EMAIL: linda@moogmusic.com
WEBSITE: www.moogmusic.com


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