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The Christmas Song

David HunterThe Christmas Song

Played on my 126 Art Harrison Theremin.

O Holy Night

David HunterO Holy Night

Panis Angelico

David HunterPanis Angelico

In memory of William Que, a gentle genius.

Silent Night

David HunterSilent Night

Home made Art Harrison tube theremin, copper pipe pitch antenna, plate volume control.
Recording: sound blaster card, Linux Fedora Core 4
Toronto, Dec.

Bach Minuet in G Minor

David HunterBach Minuet in G Minor

Recorded in Toronto 4th March 2006 on a homemade Art Harrison 126 theremin.

Danny Boy 126 no birds no pipes

David HunterDanny Boy 126 no birds no pipes

This is a recording made with my Art Harrison 126 type theremin with the sound processed by a TC M300 to add reverb.

There are no resonating pipes or Budgie bird sounds with this recording.
Please note: I am an amateur!


David HunterBudgie_bird_meets_theremin

A recording sample from an Art Harrison 126 tube theremin with adjunctive ductwork to add resonance and echo. The start is chaos and then settles down to the start pitch, followed by four verses of Away in a Manger. I had hoped that with four verses I might get one right. My budgie bird Mary flys into the room and crashes near the theremin at the end of the last verse.

The recording setup was plagued by an AC ground loop, amongst other problems.