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Schubert – Ave Maria

Giorgio NecordiSchubert – Ave Maria

A short rendition of Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria played on my custom theremin.

Caccini – Ave Maria

Giorgio NecordiCaccini – Ave Maria

A rendition of Giulio Caccini’s Ave Maria played on my custom theremin.

LEV TERMEN – L’uomo amplificato (The man amplified)

Details on the forthcoming (February 22, 2007) performance LEV TERMEN – L’uomo amplificato (The man amplified). Dettagli sulla rappresentazione teatrale “LEV TERMEN – L’uomo amplificato” che si terrà il 22 Febbraio 2007 a Molinella (BO). LEV TERMEN is the second theatrical production – after the one about Lise Meitner and nuclear fission – that Terzadecade/L’aquila […]

Of the Theremin Making

nectron Transistor Theremin Chassis

Giorgio Necordi’s short report about the making of his transistor theremin. After a long wait it’s time to come out and unveil the instrument based on my long time experiments with theremins. This is the theremin you can hear in the “theremin samples” section of the thereminvox.com library The entire instrument was completed during 2003 […]

Therondy For Moog

Howard MossmanTherondy For Moog

This musical elegy is a tribute to the late, great Bob Moog.
I set the tone contour of my EPro to try and capture the sorrow in my heart for this very special man, and friend.
You my also recognize the song as Hatikva.

Waveform control

Giorgio NecordiWaveform control

A sample to demonstrate the action of the waveform control on the sound of my transistor theremin.

Transistor theremin sample

Giorgio NecordiTransistor theremin sample

A sample of my new transistor theremin prototype, it contains a small melodic progression and the refrain of an italian traditional song.

Of the Theremin and Futurist Stringed Instrument Making

Theremin: Diagram of Virtual Capacitor.

In this article, Giorgio Necordi examines the technology behind the Theremin and outlines the differences between tubes and transistor technology. Then he describes his project for a new transistor Theremin. Introduction The date of birth of the first electronic instrument depends on that of the invention of the thermionic valve or tube (the first exquisitely […]