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Eli, Eli (My God, My God)

Samuel HoffmanEli, Eli (My God, My God)

Sam plays the lament of all oppressed peoples. “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me.” An old 78RPM recording. Uncle Howie

Moonlight Sonata

Samuel HoffmanMoonlight Sonata

Here is the reverse side of the Capitol 45 RPM listed below. Sam plays his beloved console theremin with piano accompanyment. Uncle Howie

The Swan

Samuel HoffmanThe Swan

Here is a rare old Capitol 45 RPM recording of Sam Hoffman, with organ accompanyment, playing the standard for this instrument. Uncle Howie

Sam And Johnny Carson

Samuel HoffmanSam And Johnny Carson

I believe this is the only recorded voice of Samuel Hoffman. He is trying to teach Carson to play the theremin. It’s quite funny. Uncle Howie

Howie Does Sam

Howard MossmanHowie Does Sam

I love to imitate the late lamented Sam Hoffman and I offer this poor little snippet in tribute to one of my heroes.