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Aristotle, known as Aristoteles in most languages other than English (Aristotele in Italian), (384 BC – March 7, 322 BC) was a Greek philosopher. Along with Plato, he is often considered to be one of the two most influential philosophers in Western thought. Introduction The three greatest ancient Greek philosophers were Aristotle, Plato, who was […]


Archytas (428 BC – 347 BC), was a Greek philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, statesman, strategist and commander-in-chief. Archytas was born in Tarentum, Magna Graecia (now Italy) and was the son of Mnesagoras or Histiaeus. He was taught for a while by Philolaus and he was a teacher of mathematics to Eudoxus of Cnidus. He was scientist […]

Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky (or Vasily Kandinsky) (December 16, 1866 – December 13, 1944) was a painter and art theorist. He was born in Moscow but spent his childhood in Odesa. He started painting studies in 1896 in Munich and went back to Moscow in 1918 after the Russian Revolution. Being in conflict with official theories on […]

New CDs: Air, Starsailor

According to RollingStone magazine the new CD from Air features a theremin. Like so many other pop wizards, Air take their favorite David Bowie disguise and build a whole new sound out of it. The French electronica duo always sounds as if it’s lost in erotic space, floating in the blue with Major Tom, combining […]

Moog Music Announces Etherwave Pro

Moog Music Etherwave Pro

New Theremin Delivers Superlative Sound and Expanded Range. Press Release ASHEVILLE, N.C. (January 2004)–Moog Music announces the Etherwave Pro, a fully professional theremin with unexcelled tone and response. Its features and portability make it ideal for both stage and studio use. It is the latest development in Moog Music’s fifty-year history of building high quality […]

Rosalyn Tureck Dies at 88

Rosalyn Tureck, a leading performer of Bach on the piano, harpsichord and clavichord, has died. She made her Carnegie Hall debut performing on the theremin, the electronic instrument invented by Leon Theremin, with whom she had studied. Rosalyn Tureck, the “High Priestess of Bach,” Is Dead at 88 andante – 18 July 2003 Rosalyn Tureck, […]

Olivier Messiaen

Olivier Messiaen

Olivier Messiaen was a French composer and organist who championed the Ondes Martenot, of which his sister-in-law, Jeanne Loriod, was a leading exponent. Olivier Messiaen (December 10, 1908 – April 27, 1992) was a French composer and organist. Messiaen was born in Avignon into a literary family: his mother was the poet Cécile Sauvage, while […]

Christian Wolff

Christian Wolff

Christian Wolff is an American composer of experimental classical music. Christian Wolff (born March 8, 1934) is an American composer of experimental classical music. Wolff was born in Nice in France, moving to the United States in 1941 and become an American citizen in 1946. He studied classics at Harvard University and upon graduating took […]

Ferde Grofé

Ferde Grofe was a United States composer, pianist, and arranger.  Ferde Grofe (born New York City, March 27, 1892; Died April 3, 1972 in Santa Monica, California) was a United States composer, pianist, and arranger. His works include “Grand Canyon Suite”, “Hollywood Suite”, “Mississippi — A Tone Journey”, “Broadway at Night”, “A Symphony in Steel”, “Concerto […]