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Luigi Russolo Exhibition at Mart, Italy

Luigi Russolo at the Russolophone.

An exhibition announced as the “first large-scale anthological of [Luigi] Russolo” is something that a Futurism fanatic and Russolo worshipper like me can’t miss. Moreover, the info page at Mart‘s web site said: Reconstructions of his “Noisemakers” […] will be put on show for the express purpose of enabling the public to interact with them. I […]

Moment of Moog

Ken Soper
Moment of Moog
Ken SoperMoment of Moog

“Sometimes it feels as if he is still here; other times, he is sorely missed. One year ago his fate was sealed and the finality of his death certainly gave all of us pause. The ‘Moment of Moog’ is our way of honoring the tens of thousands of musicians who carry Bob’s legacy forward,” reflected Mike Adams, President, Moog Music.

Theremin Classic “The Swan” Magisterially Performed by Masami Takeuchi

Masami Takeuchi

We’ve heard it so many times played by Clara, Lydia, Peter and many others. And all of us theremin lovers have tried to play it, with mixed results, at least one time. It’s the theremin Classic The Swan by Saint-Saens. Well, it is worth to listen to it one more time in this video by […]

Jean Jacques Perrey Beautiful Videos

Jean Jacques Perrey playing the Ondioline at the Club Transmediale Festival 2006 (Germany)

Five fabulous videos of Jean Jacques Perrey playing live with Dana Countryman, being interviewed and lecturing with Bob Moog. If you, like me, are not among the lucky ones who attended Jean Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman gigs in California, you can comfort yourself by looking at these fabulous videos by Mal Meehan at the […]

"Thereminized" Casio SK-1 Videos

A Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard modified in order to be controlled in a way similat to the theremin.

Two “thereminized” Casio SK-1. Something Clara Rockmore would have not approved. The SK-1 is a cheap home keyboard made by Casio in 1985 featuring an 8-bit PCM, 9.38kHz sampler (about 1.4 seconds), 5 PCM presets, 11 drum patterns, an additive synth section, and 13 envelope shapes. I have one and love it, though I haven’t […]

Pamelia on MySpace

Thereminist Pamelia Kurstin.

Rollerskating-bird-punching-hair-cutting and cigarettes smoking while playing super thereminist Pamelia Kurstin has a profile on with samples, photographs and upcoming shows. She will tour in Russia, Austria, U.K, Greece and then back in the U.S. And, Pamelia, pay attention when you play in the U.K.! See what happened to Keith Richards for smoking on stage […]