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In a Monastery Garden

Lennington H. Shewell
In a Monastery Garden
Lennington H. ShewellIn a Monastery Garden

78 rpm RCA theremin recording (Victor 25130-B) digitized by Reid Welch for the “Levnet Compilation #2”.

Alexandra Stepanoff

Thereminist Alexandra Stepanoff.

A short biography of Léon Théremin’s first theremin student in the United States Alexandra Stepanoff. Alexandra Stepanoff was one of Léon Théremin’s first theremin students in the United States. Formerly a concert singer, around the late twenties, she moved from Russia to New York, where, thanks to the local Russian community, she met Léon Théremin. […]

Lucy Bigelow Rosen interview 1938 (restored)

Lucy Bigelow Rosen
Lucy Bigelow Rosen interview 1938 (restored)
Lucy Bigelow RosenLucy Bigelow Rosen interview 1938 (restored)

Bret Moreland’s audio restoration of the Lucie Bigelow Rosen recording (uploaded last year by Jessica Hummel) of her speaking in the East Indies. Bret used the source uploaded by Jessica Hummel on this website, and reduced the impulse noise, and continuous noise. Thanks Bret.

His Other Voices. An Interview with Peter Pringle

Canadian teherminist Peter Pringle with his theremins.

An interview with canadian thereminist Peter Pringle. Peter Pringle is an eclectic musician, singer and songwriter from Canada. He became involved in music as a child singing with the children’s chorus of the Canadian Opera Company and studying classical piano. In the 1960’s he moved to the United States where he started a successful songwriting […]

Mapping Human Gesture into Electronic Media

Troika Ranch.

Troika Ranch is the name of a New York-based performers’ group founded in 1993 by Dawn Stoppiello, a dancer and a coreographer, and Mark Coniglio, a composer who develop works of what they call slash arts: dance + music + theatre + interactive media.

Theremin Cello is back. An interview with Olivia Mattis

Theremincello Orchestra.

An interview with musicologist Olivia Mattis about the return of the Theremin Cello. In his continual quest for instruments for his “organized sound,” Edgard Varèse experimented with different kinds of musical and non-musical devices. Since he believed in a strict collaboration between composers and scientists, he also approached various scientists and inventors like Luigi Russolo […]