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Theremin MP3 files - A public library of Theremin (or Theremin related) audio files (MP3, Wav, Midi etc.).
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Name:  sinners.mp3
Title: Sinners
Artists:  Freddie & the Hitch-Hikers
Album:  Bandbox 251, 45 rpm record
Year:  1961
Comment:  Strange, eerie stroll from an obscure Midwest (?) combo circa 1961. An unknown (and presumably unskilled) theremin player adds echoey ambience throughout. This may very well be the first instance of theremin being used in a rock-n-roll context, a good 5 or more years before Beefheart or Lothar. Later covered (sans theremin) by the Cramps.
Genre:  Oldies
Track#:  A
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