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Claude-Samuel LEVINE
Audio files by french ondiste and thereminist Claude-Samuel LEVINE.
Claude-Samuel LEVINE files:
Title Uploaded Size Owner
composer: LÚvine thereminist & ondes: LÚvine
05.11.2004 638.00 KB Claude-Samuel LEVINE Info
An easy melody like a song! Place at the harmony, serenity! Also place at the real truth: the most beautiful things of the life are NOT done in the test and the suffering, but on the contrary, let us dare the statement: in the facility, in the amity, shared amazement, the love, and the joy!
Site internet: www.cslevine.com

"Fantasia" for theremin, oboe, string quartet and piano (extrait)
composer: Martinu thereminist: LÚvine
05.11.2004 1.60 MB Claude-Samuel LEVINE Info
the Holst Sinfonietta orchestra from Freiburg, dir. Klaus Simon, at Basel oct 19, 2003. Claude-Samuel LÚvine on the theremin etherwave.

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