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Audio files by japanese thereminist ERI II.
ERI II files:
Title Uploaded Size Owner
Gymnopedie #1 Windows Media Player or Winamp Player
04.30.2004 100 B eri ii Info
Gymnopedie #1 E.Satie / Windows Media Player or WinAmp Player / Accompaniment is the newest stringed instrument "STICK" in the world.A performance is Mr. N. Ubukata.Refer for the details about STICK here to.http://www.stick.com/ It is a wonderful musical instrument. / "About special effects" An effect is not demonstrated although it is regrettable because of compression music. The original sound source is using the technology "RSS Ambience System" of Roland. Although the sound of Theremin is a stereo by this, a move is carried out to a listener's left, the right, and a front and back. It is threatening technology.
Gymnopedie #1 Quick Time Player
10.21.2003 229.98 KB eri ii Info
Gymnopedie #1 E.Satie / Quick Time Player
Gymnopedie #1 Real Audio Player
10.21.2003 300.51 KB eri ii Info
Gymnopedie #1 E.Satie / Real Audio Player
The Oldmans Plot
07.28.2003 1.62 MB eri ii Info
Although this music is not Eri performance, it is introduced to you. It is a Theremin performance of Mr. Ubukata living in Japan. It is a very heaviness Theremin performance.
04.30.2004 106 B eri ii Info
http://theremin.org/e/ "STAR TREK TOS MAIN TITLE" composed by Alexander Courage
Space Cruiser Yamato/Star Blazers
04.30.2004 0 B eri ii Info
From the Hiroshi Miyagawa composed "Japanimation" Space Cruiser Yamato / Star Blazers symphony - a suite overture http://www.theremin.org/

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