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Samuel Hoffman
Audio files by Samuel Hoffman.
Samuel Hoffman Categories:
The Secret Music of China
Thanks to Bret Moreland we are now able to listen to this rare record by Alexander Laszlo featuring Samuel Hoffman on the Theremin.
Samuel Hoffman files:
Title Uploaded Size Owner
Autumn's Child
Samuel J. Hoffman
03.20.2003 4.62 MB Howard Mossman Info
Sam is a guest performer on this rock and roll song. Uncle Howie
Samuel J. Hoffman
03.20.2003 3.57 MB Howard Mossman Info
Here is another rarity featuring Sam on a Rock and Roll album.
Uncle Howie

Eli, Eli (My God, My God)
Samuel J. Hoffman
08.12.2002 2.06 MB Howard Mossman Info
Sam plays the lament of all oppressed peoples. "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me." An old 78RPM recording. Uncle Howie
Deep Purple/S'Wonderful
Samuel J. Hoffman
09.28.2002 3.30 MB Howard Mossman Info
Hear Sam play two great standards, with a vocal and multitracking on S'Wonderful. The theremin is recorded with outstanding clarity. Uncle Howie
Hoffman On TV
Samuel J. Hoffman
06.10.2003 3.52 MB Howard Mossman Info
Here is an audio snippet of the "You Asked For It" TV show of the 50's. Sam plays excerpts from The Lost Weekend and Spellbound motion pictures and the standard, "You Were Meant For Me". Uncle Howie
That Sweetheart Of Mine
Samuel J. Hoffman
08.18.2002 1.18 MB Charles Collins Info
Released by Essex records of Philadelphia PA. Dr. Hoffman is only featured on one side. The title is 'That Sweetheart Of Mine' with Monte Kelly and his Orchestra and Skeets Herfrod on Alto Sax.
Hypnotic Duel
Samuel J. Hoffman
05.29.2003 1.42 MB Alexander Breton Info
From the motion picture "The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T". Circa 1953 from a 33 1/3 RPM bootleg record. I don't believe this soundtrack was ever "officially" released. This film also features lyrics and stage sets by none other than Dr. Suess...
Kol Nidre (All Vows)
Samuel J. Hoffman
08.12.2002 1.83 MB Howard Mossman Info
Sam plays this sad Hebrew song relating to absolution of all vows taken but remaining unfulfilled. Forgive the poor fidelity of this old 78 RPM recording Uncle Howie
Moonlight Sonata
Samuel J. Hoffman
08.11.2002 2.07 MB Howard Mossman Info
Here is the reverse side of the Capitol 45 RPM listed below. Sam plays his beloved console theremin with piano accompanyment. Uncle Howie
Solo from RocketShip X-M
Samuel Hoffman
05.25.2007 1.43 MB Valerio Saggini Info
Theremin solo from the soundtrack of "Rocketship X-M" (1950.)
Sam And Johnny Carson
Samuel J. Hoffman
08.09.2002 3.36 MB Howard Mossman Info
I believe this is the only recorded voice of Samuel Hoffman. He is trying to teach Carson to play the theremin. It's quite funny. Uncle Howie
Struttin' With Clayton
Samuel J. Hoffman
04.26.2003 2.95 MB Alexander Breton Info
A cool tune from 1948 by Leslie Baxter. It is from the "Perfume Set To Music" era. This is the only song that is missing from the Hoffman box set. Sam has a Theremin part that starts near the middle of this song. Side B on this RCA Victor 45 RPM.
The Swan
Samuel J. Hoffman
08.11.2002 1.87 MB Howard Mossman Info
Here is a rare old Capitol 45 RPM recording of Sam Hoffman, with organ accompanyment, playing the standard for this instrument. Uncle Howie
Freddy Quinn's Blue Mirage
Samuel J. Hoffman?
06.09.2003 3.47 MB Alexander Breton Info
A song from 1962 by Manfred "Freddy" Quinn. I believe that this is Sam Hoffman on Theremin, but I am not positive. I think the best Theremin part is the last 15 seconds of the song. I will be deleting this song soon, so get it while you can!
No More Sunshine
Samuel J. Hoffman
02.23.2003 1.90 MB Alexander Breton Info
A hand-clappin', finger-snappin' Doo Wop classic from 1959 by Herbi Silvers and his Orchestra. This song features Leon "Herbi" Silver on vocals and saxophone and his "Silver Belles". According to the record, Sam plays "Theremin Effects". Side B on this Sutter 45 RPM.
So Attracted To You
Samuel J. Hoffman
02.23.2003 1.98 MB Alexander Breton Info
A great spooky cha-cha tune from 1959 by Herbi Silvers and his Orchestra. This song features Leon "Herbi" Silver on vocals and saxophone and his "Silver Belles". According to the record, Sam plays "Theremin Effects". Side A on this Sutter 45 RPM.
Blue Mirage
Samuel J. Hoffman
06.09.2003 1.18 MB Alexander Breton Info


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