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Theremin Samples
Theremin sound samples.
Theremin Samples Categories:
Bret Moreland's restored RCA Theremin (Maunette) samples.
Theremin Samples files:
Title Uploaded Size Owner
Polyphonic Aetherphon
Lev Termen
03.23.2003 1.61 MB Howard Mossman Info
The only known recording of the Polyphonic Aetherphon with an introduction, in Russian, by Lev Termen. Uncle Howie
Bach Minuet in G Minor
David Hunter
03.04.2006 2.65 MB David Hunter Info
Recorded in Toronto 4th March 2006 on a homemade Art Harrison 126 theremin
le Cygne
Camille St Saens
05.11.2004 794.00 KB Claude-Samuel LEVINE Info
le Cygne (from "Le Carnaval des animaux") played here on the thereminvox etherwave, by Claude-Samuel Lévine.

Danny Boy 126 no birds no pipes
David Hunter
02.20.2005 1.74 MB David Hunter Info
This is a recording made with my Art Harrison 126 type theremin with the sound processed by a TC M300 to add reverb.

There are no resonating pipes or Budgie bird sounds with this recording.
Please note: I am an amateur!

04.29.2004 971.40 KB Howard Mossman Info
I dusted off the old Stokowski RCA theremin to record Miklos Rozsa's jungle lullaby theme. The theremin was played into a hand-held recorder so the fidelity is not the best, but I thought it worthwhile to play something a little different.
Kitten On The Kees
Uncle Howie Mossman
08.17.2003 1.85 MB Howard Mossman Info
This poor totally improvised snippet was recorded using the Kees Enkelaar theremin. The recorder was a cheap hand held unit with bad fidelity. But it will give some idea of the range and sound of this new instrument. Uncle Howie
Après un rêve
composer: Gabriel Fauré thereminist: c.s. Lévine
05.10.2004 360.00 KB Claude-Samuel LEVINE Info
live extract of a concert in Paris, 2000 dec 7
David Hunter and Mary the budgie
12.27.2004 3.90 MB David Hunter Info
A recording sample from an Art Harrison 126 tube theremin with adjunctive ductwork to add resonance and echo. The start is chaos and then settles down to the start pitch, followed by four verses of Away in a Manger. I had hoped that with four verses I might get one right. My budgie bird Mary flys into the room and crashes near the theremin at the end of the last verse.

The recording setup was plagued by an AC ground loop, amongst other problems.

Transistor theremin sample
Giorgio Necordi
02.25.2002 1.10 MB Giorgio Necordi Info
A sample of my new transistor theremin prototype, it contains a small melodic progression and the refrain of an italian traditional song.
Silent Night
David Hunter
12.14.2006 2.96 MB David Hunter Info
Home made Art Harrison tube theremin, copper pipe pitch antenna, plate volume control.
Recording: sound blaster card, Linux Fedora Core 4
Toronto, Dec.

Waveform control
Giorgio Necordi
03.04.2002 1,005.71 KB Giorgio Necordi Info
A sample to demonstrate the action of the waveform control on the sound of my transistor theremin.

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