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score for theremin



maria fava


24.06.2007 00:23


Hi there,
I'm looking for an example of score for theremin. I'm plannig to use it for an experimental spectacle but I am new to the instrument.
I'm looking also to some technical advices...
Thank you.

Here's the concept of the show to be held in Adelaide (Australia):

Piano and theremin ring modulation

Air assembly of different cognitive states: simultaneous stimuli for senses, as view and listening, in an improvised combination of waves motion.
Recognition is brought by a constant, as often it happens, but for this time, it won't be rhythm or harmonic structure, rather shapes.
The piece played on the piano leads the voice; it is a choir song by Andrea Kaluse coming for memory and mercy, thanks to Mr. Coppola's suggestion.
The introducing voice is from Lucy Bigelow Rosen's interview for the Dutch Philips East Indies Broadcasting station (PHOHI) in 1938.
The form rise from an interpretation of the piece on circular hands movements together with visiual comping through Jupiter's projection. The intention is to explore new sounds prescinding technical consciousness of players.
As they say: always keep a Synthi in your camping bag... and enjoy the journey!

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