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Reid Welch


26.08.2007 23:13


Ammendment. I took a dose of Pepto and read what I just posted.

The IPAM has had nine years now to catalog whatever papers they got.

I won't give the stuff to -you-. No, the better plan is to let the IPAM have the lot of it, and let them sift and collate and see what they did
-not- get of Clara's archives. I suppose they did not get the Lev letters, nor the schematics, nor a fat envelope of her personal photographs.

They can make arrangements to pick up these boxes from me at their convenience.
There's no rush.
But one addition will be made: Copies of these postings, to go with the record,
and so, a balance, a weighing of inept and avaricious humans can be added to her record.

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