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Third entry



Reid Welch


27.08.2007 00:27


first was "Dialog" (well, that's a mis-title in retrospect)
second entry, "Ammendment"

now, for this third entry, at this writing I've finished reading the balance of page one.

It is so distorted, and seems to try to sew up a story, the making of which result (the destruction of Clara's peace of mind) you yourself were the number two instigator.

I note that you do not relate that you were an outcast from her life,
along with the entire family. Only three people had ready access to Clara: Betty, me, Steve and perhaps Dalit's mother; I don't know her.

I do know that by mediating with Clara to let you in,
you speedily aided Martin in kicking me out.

And towards the end, SHE DID take my calls, and we did have several good-toned conversations, weepy and sincere and we
both made our peace.

And never did I speak to her a bad word about you or about Steve Martin.

I was a gentle as a broken feather can touch.
I did touch her again. But, by then it was too late.

Thanks for nothing, Sherman. Thanks for airing in excruciating detail your evident 'care' for Martin's rep, by reopening a long fading
set of memories on all sides.

Bottom line: I never made things up. I never lie. My name is know on the 'net as a writer, poet, and enemy of public bullies.

Butter won't melt in your mouth. In my hands, it melts and is gone, as it should be, I suppose.

I'm sorry to have to call out the truth. What did I ever gain?
I got to know and love Clara in a kinship you never had.

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