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Fourth entry



Reid Welch


27.08.2007 00:50


Steven, you quoted me out of context from this page:


I ask readers to read that page, and see also the sentimental poem
(I don't call the poem "good", I call it genuine)

And let anyone, please, who would like to believe your version of the picture, do as they like.

I think, though, that from the first day I spoke to her,
I think that I was honest with her. It was her life,
her memoribilia, her aim to share it freely, so long as
no-one made a buck from it. She said so in her final interview,

and I think, in the poem, that the essence comes through,
that she only wanted what was best for her legacy,
and best was to be open, share, disseminate.

I followed her wishes. The practice tape, of which you feign caused "injury", could hurt nothing. It was presented in context,
and gave a rare chance for thereminists to -just try- to learn to play,
as if Nadia were there in the next room, and Clara, even closer.

The poem again, but see the page for the context.

(apologies for filling up this page with so much of "me". It's for Clara)

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