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Music Synesthesia



Phil Nyce


11.12.2007 14:19


I can never pinpoint the exact color of the notes i hear and they usually mix with sort of image that is difficult to describe.

When distortion or overdrive is added to guitars, i get this static or grainy type of image. this is the only somewhat describable image and it varies from degree of overdrive to degree.

It's not only color, but i "see" the sound or note. If something is played on a violin, i see the note drawn out and i usually see it in a tan color.

Piano notes seem to have a more percussive and black and white image to them, like the keys.

High to mid-range guitar notes are almost always yellow and the guitar screech from Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" is very purple and grainy with overdrive.

bass guitars have colors in the black to purple range, incorporating other dark yellow tones as well.

This is the best description i can give. It's really impossible to communicate the "sensation" or "image" that reflects the music but there's definitely something weird about it.

It makes music more interesting and adds "dimension".

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Message  Music Synesthesia
Phil Nyce 11.12.2007 14:19  
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