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music coloures



hani alrashdi


22.11.2008 16:34


i can see all the write coloures of music.im sure i can see the music pictureill give u examples:piano:white/guitar:yellow/flute:pink and im sure there is blue and green and i can give you the colour of the sound exactly/and there is some sounds composed of 2 or 3 coloures and i can see the picture of the musical sentence clearely thats why i can play any musical sentence while i cant read the notes of music how can i help?i can differentiate between these coloures without any confusion in the degree of the colour for example i can find the pink colour degree not any pink which is in some instruments become darker in the higher octave in some instruments but the colour become lighter in the other instrument

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Message  music coloures
hani alrashdi 22.11.2008 16:34  
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Huw Clarke 27.11.2008 08:48  
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