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RE: music coloures



Huw Clarke


27.11.2008 08:48


Hey whats up!

My name is Huw Clarke from Wales in the UK and I recently discovered that i have this version of synasthesia, I am doing a major creative project on it this year for my final year at university studying popular music. Could i ask for some peoples e-mail addresses cos i would absolutely find it so helpful if i could speak to some of you about your versions of it, the colours/textures you see so you could contribute to my work so to say.

My address is hellchild_66618@hotmail.com if anyone wants to add me.

Thank you


> i can see all the write coloures of music.im sure i can see
> the music pictureill give u
> examples:piano:white/guitar:yellow/flute:pink and im sure
> there is blue and green and i can give you the colour of
> the sound exactly/and there is some sounds composed of 2 or
> 3 coloures and i can see the picture of the musical sentence
> clearely thats why i can play any musical sentence while i
> cant read the notes of music how can i help?i can
> differentiate between these coloures without any confusion
> in the degree of the colour for example i can find the pink
> colour degree not any pink which is in some instruments
> become darker in the higher octave in some instruments but
> the colour become lighter in the other instrument

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