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Carl Bennett


08.02.2009 20:08


Wow, it's good to know I am no the only one.

I developed a musical linked Synesthesia after an accident many years ago. It took me 15 years to realise it was not just me.... That was only three years ago. Never told anyone as I thought they would not understand until 3 years ago.

I first realised it when I told a friend how good an LP looked???

My Synesthesia turns on and off dependent on whether I open or shut my eyes. It is difficult to explain as "sight would be to explain to someone that cannot see". Anyway.... I see a range of varying colours in soft and sharp shapes, but unlike some of you the colour and shape is determined by volume and depth of the music. For example, electric guitar is generally sharpe and bright in colour, such as yellow and a bass guitar deep purple and rounded.

I cannot read music as the notes dance around when music is playing but I can learn to play instruments fairly easily.

This may sound stupid, but does anyone think this makes them more "understanding" or "deeper thinking"?

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