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Harrison Instruments Model 302 Theremin



rupert chappelle


25.04.2010 11:58


Horizontal plate antenna theremin with excellent range, stability, tone and it operates on a 9 volt battery for up to 24 hours of play. It is less expensive than the Etherwave kit. It took two weeks to transfer my skills from vertical antenna play to horizontal antenna play. I consider it to be far easier and more accurate.

Video playlist of the Model 302 in action with a boss dd-20. Some tracks have distortion from the MXR Full Bore Metal Distortion pedal and the amplifier modeling in the Roland Street Cube amplifier:

Theremin Playlist - April Showers 2010

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Message  Harrison Instruments Model 302 Theremin
rupert chappelle 25.04.2010 11:58  
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