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RE: my goals through syneasthesia



cindee cox


11.08.2011 08:29


Dear John, I am publishing a magazine for a symphony orchestra. Would you please email me so we can chat? I might like to publish your story. mattandcindee@comcast.net
i believe that i have this also , my first experience was
> about a year and a half ago maybe two. i was at my friends
> house and he and another friend were playing Tony hawks
> skate when i came over, i was just sitting there when i
> felt really weird and i couldnt be in the same room as
> them,and these are good friends of mine. i went into the
> other room and picked up a guitar then started playing. all
> of a sudden it just hit me as i was playing. i felt
> something that felt like the perfect pitch it sounded that
> way to not matter what i did, and the color red slowly
> filled my vision.
> i wasn't looking down either or i would have tried to
> recreate what i was playing. but i was to distracted by
> this blast of color that filled my eyes.
> the only way i can portrey it is:
> take a mental picture of everything in your line of vision,
> and take in the periferals also, now let red slowly mix in
> that picture until you see nothing but the color of a
> bright neon red.
> my second experience was when i was talking to a counselor
> and as we conversed everything turned green. i just let it
> go and felt fine as we were talking, i thought it was just
> lack of sleep or something normal.
> i seem to be able to trigger the color black through
> silence aka static.
> does this mean that i am a synesthete?
> either way right now i am eightteen, trying to get money to
> go to school for music so that i can teach music or guitar.
> and move into music therapy in the future where i might be
> able to find the answers to synesthesia.
> i cant trigger it through music willingly, yet, but i hope
> to in the future so that every one and myself can
> experience this through my music.
> if your a researcher and interested in talking leave a
> comment ill be checking back to this.

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