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RE: my goals through syneasthesia



Christopher Vlahos


17.11.2011 18:28


> i believe that i have this also , my first experience was
> about a year and a half ago maybe two. i was at my friends
> house and he and another friend were playing Tony hawks
> skate when i came over, i was just sitting there when i
> felt really weird and i couldnt be in the same room as
> them,and these are good friends of mine. i went into the
> other room and picked up a guitar then started playing. all
> of a sudden it just hit me as i was playing. i felt
> something that felt like the perfect pitch it sounded that
> way to not matter what i did, and the color red slowly
> filled my vision.
> i wasn't looking down either or i would have tried to
> recreate what i was playing. but i was to distracted by
> this blast of color that filled my eyes.
> the only way i can portrey it is:
> take a mental picture of everything in your line of vision,
> and take in the periferals also, now let red slowly mix in
> that picture until you see nothing but the color of a
> bright neon red.
> my second experience was when i was talking to a counselor
> and as we conversed everything turned green. i just let it
> go and felt fine as we were talking, i thought it was just
> lack of sleep or something normal.
> i seem to be able to trigger the color black through
> silence aka static.
> does this mean that i am a synesthete?
> either way right now i am eightteen, trying to get money to
> go to school for music so that i can teach music or guitar.
> and move into music therapy in the future where i might be
> able to find the answers to synesthesia.
> i cant trigger it through music willingly, yet, but i hope
> to in the future so that every one and myself can
> experience this through my music.
> if your a researcher and interested in talking leave a
> comment ill be checking back to this.

There is a lot to be learned about this and I dont know if it just shows up in your life unless a traumatic accident has occurred. That we know is an invariable that causes or creates a lot of awakenings.
I always has synesthesia. I see colors in music, letters and numbers and people and things. I also have an emotional attachments (feeling) that can occur with them. I never learned notes or any traditional means of musical education. I felt and saw colors ever since I could understand the enjoyment of sound. And all sound has a color feeling and flavor. Peoples voices, intruments, noise etc. Music is a cascading fireworks show and you move through gradients of color rapidly and with great emotion. (for me)
I was a touring guitar player for 12 years and I wrote as well for many acts. I play by emotion and color not by notes and time, and I write by means of colors and feelings as well. For instance I dont play a G chord after the D because it musically is correct or sounds right, I play it because it feels correct as does the color. F is a key I like to use and the color in the lower harmonics is like an emerald green. Harmonics change colors for me, and I believe that the Fibonacci Sequence is somehow tied into the way synesthesia works in our brain. Thats a whole other level...LOL
Im also paint and take photography on a pro level. Again, I use both the brush and the camera when I "feel" the picture or color, not see it. I dont choose a color on the palette I just paint and begin combining emotions until I like was my eyes feel...LOLOL. Its nuts I know... but I dont know another way.

I also have the common cross wiring of seeing colors in numbers and letters.... A is red, 3 is black and equations equal a color not a numeric result ETC. Its something you need to understand and use to your advantage with help of others. Otherwise you can easily become a misfit in the world. Embrace it, learn about it, and express it. Art is the best means of creating something from what you have. MANY are artists or become one. I struggled for years, then found how music allowed me to be "normal" in my own skin. I evolved quickly and became something others could not due to my perception of how I approach things. My unique view and ability of creating gave me an unprecedented edge that I used to flourish not fail. Billy Joel has Synesthesia as well as many impressive artists in music, paint, poetry and more.

Thanks for allowing me to share here. Be well all!

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