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RE: Synaesthesia and Music



Christopher Vlahos


17.11.2011 18:37


> Wow this is so interesting. I think I have a mild form of
> this. I have always associated written music notes with
> particular colours, which also correspond to the respective
> piano keys. I was stunned to read the reasons why D is
> green (it has always been green for me!) and I too see C as
> yellow, E as pink and G as brown! Incredible to discover
> others see it the same way.
LOVEY KATE! I dont see the same colors but thats common among Syneths.... As I mentioned in my writing above I see F as green... we could never write music because our color representation would be having us playing different chords and notes! LOLOL

Do you still see the same color when its an octave higher? And what about harmonics? I begin to see a variegated gradient once we are outside standard tuning.


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