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RE: Synesthesia



Christopher Vlahos


17.11.2011 19:00


> Wow, it's good to know I am no the only one.
> I developed a musical linked Synesthesia after an accident
> many years ago. It took me 15 years to realise it was not
> just me.... That was only three years ago. Never told
> anyone as I thought they would not understand until 3 years
> ago.
> I first realised it when I told a friend how good an LP
> looked???
> My Synesthesia turns on and off dependent on whether I open
> or shut my eyes. It is difficult to explain as "sight would
> be to explain to someone that cannot see". Anyway.... I see
> a range of varying colours in soft and sharp shapes, but
> unlike some of you the colour and shape is determined by
> volume and depth of the music. For example, electric guitar
> is generally sharpe and bright in colour, such as yellow and
> a bass guitar deep purple and rounded.
> I cannot read music as the notes dance around when music is
> playing but I can learn to play instruments fairly easily.
> This may sound stupid, but does anyone think this makes
> them more "understanding" or "deeper thinking"?

I like the opening and shutting your eyes thing.... I wish mine was that way. When I play its happening always. It can be more prevalent when I close my eyes but as I mentioned before I "feel" the colors and much as hear them. Its a color that has a feeling and a texture.... make sense??

On stage one summer night playing the Jones Beach Theater Long Island I hit a chord I gravitate to but added a 9th on the lower register. It had a tone that resonated my equipment and me. I saw 10,000 people illuminate like a bursting firework and I felt the heart Chakra release breath taking like emotion. The night sky turned indigo blue while my guitar felt like it was more fluid than solid. And NO I do not take any drugs....not even aspirin LOL!
It was not a singled out experience. It has happened under less dynamic circumstances as well. The simple meeting of a person and their voice has caused similar events. Not very often, but it has happened. I met a woman whos voice and color upon meeting triggered a smell that I could not mistake. Fortunately it was a good aroma, and for me (as I keep mentioning) I could feel the smell and it resided in me with good emotion. Are you still with me? LMAO!

All the best!

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