How does Rhythmicon work when keys are pressed at same time

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      Junya FujinoJunya Fujino

      Dear All

      It’s first time for me to write a message here.

      I read Dor, Leland Smith’s article “Henry Cowell’s Rhythmicana”
      from Anuario Interamericano de Investigacion Musican, VOl.9(1973),pp. 134-147
      He said,in this article,”The original rhythmicon was ‘monophonic'”(p.141)

      It gave me a question.If I define beats of first white key as quarter notes,second white key
      must beat eighth.when first and seccond keys were pressed at same time,quarter notes and
      eighth notes notes on beat would sound at same time.but the original rhythmicon is monophonic
      isn’t it?

      O_O_O_O_ (second white key)
      O___O___ (first white key)

      How How does Rhythmicon work when these tow keys are pressed at once.
      either one of the two sounds?

      but I know,Theremin’s third Rhythmicon seems to be able to make chourd!

      I have a another question too.
      Can player change fundamental and tempo individually?
      If one of them were changed,another would be also changed?

      If you would give me an idea,it would be helpful for me.

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