i want to build a theramin!

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      jamie woodyjamie woody

      theramins have always fascinated me! even BEFORE i knew what it was called!

      as a kid, i grew up hearing mysterious music on scooby doo, and hearing strange sounds in scifi and horror films from the 50s!

      as a teenager, i was mezmerized watching jimmy page perform on a theramin in “the song remains the same” movie!

      today, i build simple synth circuits. timer based oscillators, etc, on a novice level.

      i have build a mock “theramin” using photo-resistors. it sounds mysterious, and can be played by hovering the hands over it!

      i would, however like to build an actual THERAMIN, with antenni!

      could someone here intuitive of theramins and electronics tell me a parts list?


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