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      Massimo BendinelliMassimo Bendinelli

      My name is Max and I am a pianist and composer, as well as computer music.
      I have a theremin Etherwave plus with the outputs CV / VOL / PITCH I play regularly and I want to control via MIDI port expander.
      I bought Miduino by Tom Scarff, everything works, but the only problem is, moreover, the most fundamental, is that I need to change the note to zero each time the volume with the antenna left.
      Now, the problem does not arise if I have to play staccato, but I can do glissandos or chromatic passages linked.
      The fact of bringing the volume to 0 with the left antenna is equivalent to give a note off command.

      I wrote to Tom to ask him if it was possible some changes, but he replied that it had to function as designed to be controlled by a Minimoog, a keyboard or other analog outputs CV / VOL / PITCH.

      I made it long, but I try to make myself understood and to understand especially the problem.
      I ask all those who have had similar experience if there is a solution through a change.

      I’m tempted by the “guitar to midi” of sonuus, but it makes me a little ‘fear latency. That stated, and minimal, but the real one I should know by testing it in person.

      Thanks for the help and advice you have the kindness to give me.
      A salute to the forum. maximum

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