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Therondy For Moog

Howard MossmanTherondy For Moog

This musical elegy is a tribute to the late, great Bob Moog.
I set the tone contour of my EPro to try and capture the sorrow in my heart for this very special man, and friend.
You my also recognize the song as Hatikva.


Howard MossmanFlamingoverb

Here is the RCA theremin as you have never heard it. Sound that is bounced between the earth and the moon.

Jungle Lullaby

Howard MossmanJungle Lullaby

I dusted off the old Stokowski RCA theremin to record Miklos Rozsa’s jungle lullaby theme. The theremin was played into a hand-held recorder so the fidelity is not the best, but I thought it worthwhile to play something a little different.

A Pretty Girl is like a Wavefront Classic

Howard MossmanA Pretty Girl is like a Wavefront Classic

I dusted off my hand-held cassette recorded and placed it in front of a small Crate amp to record the Wavfront Classic theremin. This was at the request of some folks that have never heard this theremin played.
I hope Gene Segal will forgive me for this rendition of “A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody.”

Kitten On The Kees

Howard MossmanKitten On The Kees

This poor totally improvised snippet was recorded using the Kees Enkelaar theremin. The recorder was a cheap hand held unit with bad fidelity. But it will give some idea of the range and sound of this new instrument. Uncle Howie

Howie Does Sam

Howard MossmanHowie Does Sam

I love to imitate the late lamented Sam Hoffman and I offer this poor little snippet in tribute to one of my heroes.