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Le Gitan et la Fille

Kip Rosser and Jef AndersonLe Gitan et la Fille

Translated, the title of Jo Moustaki’s fantastic song is, “The Gypsy and the Girl.” Pianist Jef Anderson and I hope to convey the passion and seductive quality of the lyrics, even though this is an instrumental version. Briefly, the gypsy tells the girl, “Love is worth any price,” and he proceeds to tell her all he is willing to do to possess her love: “I will steal from the people of the city to bring you a dress of satin!’ he says. “I will say ‘I love you’ as one speaks the name of Jesus, or I’ll cry it in the streets like a blasphemy!” And there’s plenty more where that came from. Seek out Edith Piaf’s recording of the song and you’ll be amazed.

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