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WBGO Journal, Friday, February 6, 2004

Amber Edwards (interviewer), Scott Marshall (interviewee)WBGO Journal, Friday, February 6, 2004

Amber Edwards segment from “WBGO Journal” program, broadcast on Jazz 88.3 FM Newark, NJ USA. The radio web site is www.wbgo.org

The Swan

Scott MarshallThe Swan

The theremin standard from Saint Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals.” Recorded November 7, 2002. Piano accompaniment is myself on a MIDI disc, arranged by ear and inspired by Nadia Reisenberg’s interpretation. The instrument is an unmodified Big Briar Etherwave. No pitch preview or tuning aid was used.

The Swan Piano Backup

Scott MarshallThe Swan Piano Backup

The backtrack I use when performing The Swan on the Etherwave. Distributed freely so others can play along in private. If performing with this in public, please credit me as pianist and arranger.

Ghost Sonata

Scott MarshallGhost Sonata

I was commissioned to write and play this for the release of Katherine Ramsland’s 2001 book “Ghosts: Investigating the Other Side.” I performed it at the event as background music while excerpts were read. The instrument is a Big Briar Etherwave backed up by a Yamaha DOM-30 Disc Orchestra Module.


Scott MarshallAquarium

This is my favorite tune from Saint Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals” collection (which includes “The Swan”). I’m not aware anyone else has performed on theremin. On the piano is myself playing my own arrangement created by ear from an orchestral recording. The instrument is a Big Briar Etherwave.

Symphonic Fish

Composer: Václav Trojan. Thereminist unknown.Symphonic Fish

Excerpt from the 1948 Czechoslovakian film “The Emperor’s Nightingale” featuring the singing of the “Symphonic Fish,” which is possibly a theremin solo. Some think it may be an Ondes Martinot. Copyright Kratky Film.