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The Ballad of Rudolph Fentz

Shane HooseThe Ballad of Rudolph Fentz

“The Ballad of Rudolph Fentz” is the fourth track from Shane Hoose’s album “Time and Words”. The album was released on January 15, 2021 and is available on all streaming services.

“The Ballad of Rudolph Fentz” was inspired by the character Rudolph Fentz from a 1951 short story called ”I’m Scared” by author Jack Finney. The song is essentially a tale about time travel. It tells the story of a 19th century man who travels through time and ends up in the middle of Times Square, 70 years into the future. In addition to the theremin, the song features an eclectic blend of instruments: traditional rock instrumentation plus banjo, balalaika, synthesizers, electric harpsichord, and analog tape loops. “The Ballad of Rudolph Fentz” was co-written by Shane Hoose and Krista Hoose.

Shane Hoose: vocals, electric guitar, banjo, balalaika, bass, drums, percussion, electric piano, synthesizers, theremin, programming, tape loops
Recorded, mixed, and produced by Shane Hoose
Mastered by Dan Porter
Artwork by Vanya Markova

Mime Typeaudio/mpeg
Sample Rate44100

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