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Yellow River

Samuel HoffmanYellow River

From the liner notes: The Yangtze gleams and curl away from the docks as coolies carry the heavy cargo. Among their cries are heard ancient chants of farewell from the fishermen of a nearby sampan. The boat slips from its dock and heads upriver amid a rush and pattern of color, passing ancient pagodas framed by fruit tree blossoms, the tiny farms. As the riverbed narrows, coolies work with poles to direct the boat through the pass. The trackers, heavy ropes wound about their bodies, pull the boat through the rapids, singing a wailing melody. The river whirls in pools or fashins, boiling, breaking, foaming. A captain of a passing boat shouts a greeting. Caught up in the atmosphere are the secrets of the three River Gods, their images painted in many places, to guard against the evil spirits of the Yellow River.

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