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Ondes Martenot (13)
Ondes Martenot Links (1-13/13):
Barry Gray's Ondes Martenot
Images of an original Concert Model 6 Ondes Martenot formerly owned by the late Barry Gray, composer to Gerry Anderson, in turn producer of the sci-fi television series Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Thunderbirds, Space: 1999 and UFO. The instrument was bequeathed to film composer François Evans by Gray's daughter Amanda. (Hits: 1706)
Cercle Inter Ondes Musicales
The "Ondea": a clone of the Ondes Martenot produced and sold by the french engineer Ambro Oliva. French language only. (Hits: 1613)
Christin Ott, Ondes Martenot
Christine Ott is a french Ondes Martenot player, student of Jeanne Loriod and Françoise Cochet. By playing in very different formations from classical symphonie, to pop and electro music she expect to give a chance, and give a new impulse to her instrument and the repertory (Hits: 890)
Cursus des Études en Cycle de Formation Superiéure d'Ondes Martenot
Information about the Ondes Martenot course periodically runned at the Conservatoire de Paris. French language only. (Hits: 1358)
Cynthia Millar - ondes martenot
Résumé of ondiste Cynthia Millar. (Hits: 607)
Les ondes Martenot
Beautiful swiss site containing Ondes Martenot instructional video (QuickTime). (Hits: 408)
Les Ondes MARTENOT - Union des Enseignements MARTENOT
General information about the Ondes Martenot. History, technique, repertoire, calendar of concerts, discography and bibliography. (Hits: 1248)
French Ondes Martenot quartet. Includes information about the ensemble and the Ondes Martenot itself, real audio samples, concert schedule. (Hits: 837)
Ondes Martenot
History of the Ondes Martenot. (Hits: 1599)
Ondes Martenot
Web site of Claude-Samuel Levine, ondiste and thereminist. Includes historical and technical information about the Ondes Martenot, audio samples, photographs and discography. (Hits: 1676)
Ondes Martenot
Photographs and description of an Ondes Martenot belonged to New York composer Eric Siday. (Hits: 1321)
The Ondes-Martenot (1928)
Ondes Martenot history at Obsolete.com. Includes Real Audio samples. (Hits: 1139)
Thomas Bloch is a french specialist for rare instruments: Ondes Martenot, Glassharmonica, Cristal Baschet, various keyboards. (Hits: 625)

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