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Clara Rockmore (6)
Clara Rockmore Links (1-6/6):
Clara Rockmore - March 9, 1911 - May 10, 1998
Clara Rockmore biography. From Bob Sexton's "Take a Look at Theremins" website. (Hits: 1139)
Clara Rockmore Method for Theremin
The Clara Rockmore Method for Theremin book, newly revised by David Miller and Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson. Free PDF download. Available languages: English, Spanish and Italian. (Hits: 302)
Electronic Music Pioneer Rockmore Dead
Clara Rockmore obituary from MTV. (Hits: 959)
In Clara's Words
An interview that Clara Rockmore gave to Robert Moog in 1977. (Hits: 1731)
In Clara’s Home – Her Last Years, and the Summer of 1997
An essay - written by Steve Sherman, Clara Rockmore's great-nephew and Nadia Reisenberg's grandson - focusing, as the title suggests, on the last years of Clara: from the late Eighties - when the phenomenon known as "Theremin Renaissance" begun - to 1998, the year of Clara's demise. (Hits: 410)
Program for the 1936 Concert at Rockport, Maine
Transcription by Reid Welch. (Hits: 1618)

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