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Samuel Hoffman (11)
Samuel Hoffman Links (1-11/11):
Biography for Dr. Samuel Hoffman
Mini biography by Scott Marshall at IMDb. (Hits: 666)
Dr. Hoffman Tells Whys, Wherefores of Theremin
An interview with Samuel Hoffman published by Down Beat magazine 02.09.1951. (Hits: 1422)
Dr. Samuel Hoffman (1904-1968)
Very informative page about Samuel Hoffman by Charlie Lester. Includes beautiful photographs and scans of various documents. (Hits: 606)
DR. Samuel Hoffman - July 23, 1903 - December 6, 1967
Samuel Hoffman cameo from Bob Sexton's "Take a Look at Theremins" website. (Hits: 508)
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman
Review of CD box "Theremin" by Max Baars. (Hits: 1017)
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman
Review of CD box "Theremin". From "The Perfect Vision". (Hits: 455)
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman with Billy May - Music for Peace of Mind
Liner notes from "Music for Peace of Mind" (Capitol Records). (Hits: 539)
Harry Revel / Les Baxter / Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman - Music Out of The Moon
Liner notes from "Music Out of The Moon" (Capitol Records). (Hits: 574)
Samuel Hoffman Filmography
Samuel Hoffman filmography at IMDb. (Hits: 645)
Samuel Hoffman MP3s
Lots of rare Samuel Hoffman's recordings in MP3. (Hits: 1584)
The Secret Music of China
Article about Alexander Laszlo's "The Secret Music of China", a record featuring Samuel Hoffman on the theremin. (Hits: 1461)

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