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Lydia Kavina (12)
Lydia Kavina Links (1-12/12):
Concerto per Theremin: the Live CD from Lydia Kavina
Some notes, images and audio files about Lydia Kavina's live CD. (Hits: 1485)
Das Theremin
Page about Lydia Kavina from german magazine "Keyboards". Only in german. (Hits: 525)
Good Vibrations
An article about the theremin by Paul Tonks on Amazon.co.uk. Includes a brief interview to Lydia Kavina. (Hits: 1149)
Lev Termen Himself Taught Me to Play it
An Interview with Lydia Kavina. (Hits: 1333)
Lydia Kavina
Official web site of Lydia Kavina. Includes biography, press, repertoire, discography, concert schedule, audio samples. (Hits: 735)
Lydia Kavina - Original works for theremin
Review of Lydia Kavina's first CD. (Hits: 1273)
Lydia Kavina MP3s
Lydia Kavina MP3 and midi files. (Hits: 1539)
Mode Records: Lydia Kavina
Lydia Kavina's profile at Mode Records. (Hits: 532)
Music from the Ether the Theremin
Page about the concert Lydia Kavina presented at the Lincoln Center Festival 2000 along with the Ensemble Sospeso. (Hits: 477)
Spotlight: Lydia Kavina
Plenty of information about Lydia Kavina. (Hits: 716)
Swimming in the Air
Lydia Kavina's fundamentals of theremin technique. (Hits: 1337)
Virtuoso Russian thereminist visits Britain
An article about Lydia Kavina's 1995 tour in Great Britain. By Dave Stewart. (Hits: 497)

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